Machines I have worked on, repaired,Upgraded,serviced
programmed or data - collected ( DAQ ) from
Lepel Rotary Dial Induction Welders
Carborizing Ovens
Air Draw Ovens to 700 Deg F
Shop Floor Data Collecton system 1,000 points,
 Heat Treating Firm 200 foot Dip Line Conveyors 
( Project Engineer,Programming,HMI,etc. )
Propane Fired Air Dryers, 2,000,000 BTU
Water Pumps, City Water, 1,000 HP
Golf Course Irrigation / Automation 100 HP
Wind Generator Test Stand
Automative Electric Cooling Fan Test Stand
Wind Turbine Off Grid Cattle Watering 350 watt
Wind Turbine On Grid Vertical Axis 1,000 watt
Wind Turbine On Grid Ducted Fan - 4,000 watt
Solar Panel System Off Grid instrumentation 400 watt
Battery Energy Storage System - 100 KW, On-grid 
and Off Peak Shaving ( BESS )
Remote Monitoring Radio IO system- Weather
Snow Making Microporcessor Control - 
Radio Linked system, Flow Meter Based
Snow Making System , Discrete Timer based
SCADA system - Control Thin Film Web Handling R&D system
SCADA System 5,000 points HVAC
Energy Management System 200 points lighting control
Touch Screen based Winch Controls, RS485 , 9 nodes, HMI
Energy Management - Lighting - Retrofit Zone Controls
Leak Testing Automated Data Collection and Recipe system.
SCADA-Remote Control and Montoring-Network of
 Generator Systems  2 Mega Watt  or greater

Rochester NY 14623  |  (585) 831-1483   |  Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
PID Controls , VFD , Aftercooler Systems, Furnaces, Ovens

Modbus Data Collection- Cooper Compressor House - 10 nodes X 3 sites
Modbus Data Colletcion- Cutler Hammer IQ Series Utility meter- 2 nodes
Modbus Data Collection- Square D Power Logic
Modbus Data Collection- Automation Direct DL05 / dl06/ DL205
Modbus Data Collection- Altivar , Parker, Eurotherm , Allen Bradley VFD
Modbus Data Collection- Modicon/ Twido /M340/Momentum/Quantum PLCs
Modbus DAta Collection- Magellis Schneider HMI

SCADA-Wonderware typical 2,000 points
SCADA-iFix, Fix32 , typical 10,000 points
SCADA-RS VIEW , typical 500 points
SCADA- National Instruments Lookout typical 200 points
Data Historian- Wonderware 
Data HIstorian-Yokogawa DARWIN Family( 500 points, 12 nodes )
Training Classes Provided to customers :
Operator Training on Snow Making, HMI use, SCADA use
Operator Training on Waste Water Plant Sludge Removal System
Operator Training on Test Bench, Test Machines, Test Stands
Operator Training on Energy Saving Setback Systems
Engineering Training on : PLC Programming
Engineering Training on : SCADA Programming
Engineering Training on : HMI Programming
Engineering Training on : Digital Machine Vision Cameras
Engineering Training on : Photoelectric Sensors, Inductive Prox,Fiber Optic
Trade Shows  Supported
ISA Shows - Buffalo
Electrical Shows Automation Fairs
The font may be  small but these
jobs were big. I can answer your
individual questions in detail!